Volunteer opportunities at Cross Island Farms...

  • Have you always wondered what it would be like to work on an organic farm?

  • Are you curious to learn more about sustainable farming techniques such as permaculture?

  • Do you love working with Mother Earth?

  • Are you willing to work hard and get your hands and clothes dirty?

  • Are you interested in trading your time and labor for a hands-on learning opportunity?

  • Do you want to experience living on an organic farm?

If you answered yes to several of the above questions, you might be interested in volunteer work experience opportunities at Cross Island Farms and with the Enchanted Edible Forest. Options range from a half-day to weekend, week-long, or long term on-farm experience. Lodging may be available for longer term volunteers.

Learn more about organic farm volunteering at wwoofusa.org.


Targeted towards college students, we also offer immersive internships at the farm! There are four major areas of focus to choose from including regenerative perennial agriculture, animal husbandry, annual vegetable growing, and business.

Although we are not able to offer financial compensation at this time, we believe that the hands-on experience, organic training, and knowledge we offer would be of great value to the right people. If you are considering getting into organic farming, such an experience could be invaluable, even if you decide not to pursue organic farming further.

If you think a volunteer or internship opportunity at our farm may be for you, Contact Us! We thank you for your interest!