The Enchanted Edible Forest

at Cross Island Farms

Check out The Home-Scale Forest Garden, Dani's story and handbook for creating an edible landscape.

Now available to order!

Promo Video for The Home-Scale Forest Garden Show

PBS is now seeking donors to support production of a show featuring Dani and the Edible Forest! For more information, and if interested in supporting, please view this Fact Sheet.

The beautiful and lush Enchanted Edible Forest consists of over 300 incredible fruits, nuts, berries, and edible flowers existing in a permaculture environment.

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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a sustainable, resilient, and systems-based farming practice that supports ecosystems as they exist naturally in our environment. According to Bill Mollison, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Psychology at the University of Tasmania, permaculture is "working with, rather than against nature." It is a method of agriculture that allows plants and animals to support each other in their natural ecosystems, which requires careful planning and a strong understanding of beneficial inter-species relationships.


Our Enchanted Edible Forest offers many opportunities to learn about sustainable, local food production nestled within a diversified, certified-organic farm.


Sample many organic, local fruits and berries grown with sustainable methods.


Learn more about the history of the garden and what it takes to grow a large variety of edible plant species.

Workshops and Events

Host or attend a special event set against the backdrop of a beautiful forest garden landscape.